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Welcome to WA Auto Parts, your leading used auto parts buyer, seller & wrecker in Perth Western Australia. We offer you with a one-stop used auto parts shop where you will find an array of used car parts at the lowest prices available. We specialise in parts for Japanese, European, Australian, Korean And American cars, trucks, suv’s, 4wds, van, wagons & dual cabs.


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Definition of ‘Used Auto Parts’

Before you make a purchase, it is better to understand the term ‘Used Auto Parts’.

An ‘Used Auto Part’ comes directly from another vehicle. This vehicle has been disposed of when it became inoperable, and the owner decided to sell it off. When we buy off an Unwanted, Used, Old, Wrecked or Broken car from you, and take it to our wrecking yard. Our experienced and well-trained technicians conduct a thorough scan on your car to determine which parts are in A1 condition to be sold off and used in another vehicle; and which parts have deteriorated enough to be recycled. Based on such facts, we take the proper action.

As an authentic company in the automobile industry, we sell the best reconditioned, second-hand car parts to our customers in Western Australia.

Now Wrecking All Makes & Models of Cars

At WA Auto Parts, we focus on wrecking all makes & models of local cars, along with European, American, and Japanese cars.

Makes & models of cars range from:

We buy all brands

We sell and buy car parts from:

  • Sedan
  • SUV
  • Ute
  • Jeep
  • Motorcycle
  • 4WD
  • Truck
  • Vans, and so on

Fantastic Customer Care

Finding the correct used auto parts can be challenging if you are unsure of which model, brand and type of parts you are seeking. For example, if you own a Nissan X-Trail and are looking for an AC Compressor, you simply can’t get a Toyota Rav4 compressor for your SUV. The brand, along with the year of manufacture, are two points we keep in mind always.

This is what our staff do. We ensure to provide the very best customer care so that we can secure you with a sense of trust and peace of mind of selling your used auto parts. Our wreckers have relevant experience and expertise in dismantling all brands of cars. When you call us for inquiries, we are prompt to respond you with direct answers. With us, there’s no wasting time and no hassles!

Transporting Parts Swiftly All Over WA

Get your goods transported to you in all over Western Australia. Our delivery is swift, and we strictly maintain our delivery date.

Top 5 Reasons to Choose Us

  • Years of experience in car wrecking and selling the best-reconditioned auto parts in WA
  • A wide range of used auto parts available for the lowest price offer
  • Online shopping for car parts made easy
  • Get your inquiries readily answered by us
  • All brands, all parts, no hassle formula

Are you searching for Used Auto Parts in WA?

If you are tight on a budget, but you are looking for the best auto parts for your car, we will recommend you to contact us. At WA Auto parts, you can now easily buy:

  • Engine
  • Dash Assembly
  • Cables
  • Door Handle
  • Boot lid
  • Fuse Box
  • AC Compressor
  • AC Condenser
  • AC Hose
  • Air Cleaner Box
  • Brake Booster
  • Fan
  • Bumpers
  • Front Panel
  • Car Seats
  • Carpets
  • Right Rear Doors
  • Left Rear Doors
  • Front Doors
  • Side Mirrors
  • Fuel Tank
  • Heater/ AC Controls
  • Ignition Switch
  • Front Light
  • Tail Light
  • Airbag
  • Radiator
  • Battery
  • Seat Belts
  • Tyres
  • Wiper Arm, and a massive stock of motor parts.

Get Top dollar (up to $9,999) to Have Us Remove Your Unwanted Cars of all Makes and Models

Car Wrecker Perth is named among the best Car Removal and Scrap Metal Recycling companies that provide services for Perth and its suburbs.  When you use Car Wrecker Perth, you get car removal services at no cost to you, and we offer to pay you instant cash for a vehicle regardless of its condition—new, old, damaged, scrap or junk. Here are the services you can expect from Car Wrecker Perth:

  • 4X4 and Commercial Vehicle Removals
  • Accident Car Removals
  • Cash for Cars (Including Scrap Cars)
  • Damaged Car Removals
  • Old Car Removals
  • Scrap Car Removals
  • Truck Removals
  • Vans &Utes Removals

No doubt about it. We are one of the best car removal companies in Perth because we give you the best payouts for your vehicle regardless of its make and condition. But, that’s not all. Another thing that puts us at the top of the pack is our dynamic team of professional experts who give all our customers a memorable and positive experience.  Our team is made up of experienced and dynamic:

  • Car Appraisals – These guys have the expertise that allows them to be consistent in offering the best quotes in the Perth area. Our reputation is one that makes us stand out as the car removal company in Perth that pays out the highest amounts possible for unwanted vehicles.
  • Car Removal Technicians- These guys are highly efficient and very hospitable. You are sure to be both comforted and impressed by their professionalism and fast service.
  • Customer Service Reps – Our friendly customer service agents are here to make sure any problems or concerns you have been addressed quickly and resolved.

Our team really does have a passion for what they do.  Our goal is to buy cars of any make, model, manufacturing year and condition.  We take pride in offering the best cash prices around and paying on-the-spot when we come to tow away your vehicle. If you are looking for the best deal in Perth for your unwanted used or junk car, contact Car Wrecker Perth. We will give you a realistic quote and have your payout within your hands in just a couple of hours after offering the quote!

We Provide the Best Cash Offers Car Removals in Perth.   

Are Car Wrecker Services What You Need?

When people buy a car, it’s a financial commitment. Sometimes, a car will get to the point where it is beyond repair or the repairs cost more than the value of the car. When this happens, the car no longer has a purpose. It may have been a go-getter when it ran well, but now its job is done. It’s time to retire the car, but how do people get it done? How can you make good on this investment by selling your car even in a bad condition? The solution is easy when you consider the services provided by car wrecking companies.

What Makes Us The Best Car Wreckers in Perth?

Car Wrecker is a notch above the rest because we are a reputable company that operates in excellence. Here are the premium services you get when you choose us:

  • Best Prices Offered for Unwanted Cars
  • Services available in the Perth and Perth Suburban region.
  • Quick Removal Services with No Hidden Fees
  • Professional Customer Support Team
  • Quick Response Time
  • Instant Cash Payouts (on the Day We Remove the Car)
  • All Vehicles Accepted Regardless of Model and Condition
Top dollar for your unwanted cars

What do Car Wrecking Companies do?

Car wrecking companies provide car removal services to those who no longer want their vehicle. These companies will crush and house your car at a wrecking yard until they decide on the best approach to finishing recycling your car.

What a Car Wrecking Service can do for You

Having your car wrecked will probably be the last resort as a solution for getting rid of a car. Many people find out that the option to repair is not worth the hefty investment, and sometimes, the car is beyond repair.    A car wrecking company can help you make the decision of what to do with your car after they give it a complete inspection. These professionals will be able to tell you if your car is repairable or beyond repair.  If your car can be repaired, the car wrecking professionals can provide you with solutions for repair or getting replacement parts to prevent you from having to get rid of your car.

Deciding to get Your Car Wrecked

If you have made up your mind to wreck your car, the same people who do engine fitting at our Car Wrecking service can also help you with getting rid of your car.  As a bonus, you get rid of a car you no longer want, and you get to make a couple of dollars on the side. How much you get for your car will be determined by the overall condition of your car.

The Place for Cheap Parts

Car wrecking companies offer more than just diagnostics and car wrecking. They also offer plenty of reusable parts. We can’t make a promise that every viable part of your car’s brand is in stock. But we can make sure that the parts we have are efficient and work well. Many people have been fortunate in finding expensive retail car parts at cheap prices.

Have a Need of Wheels and Tyres?

Make sure to call ahead of time to make sure we have the part you need to repair to your automobile. That way, you won’t waste time coming out if the part is not there.  But, when it comes to wheels and tyros, you will always find what you need.  Not only do you get access to a wide variety of wheels and tyres, but they also do tailor-made rims and other tailor-made parts.

How to Find the Best Car Wreckers for You?

Before looking in the phone directory and selecting a car wrecker, research the available car wreckers to find out who has the best offer for your car.  Get an estimate on the value of your car from an independent car professional and three car wrecking services before deciding which car wrecking service offers the best price. Also, make sure the car you choose has the right permits, so you won’t run into legal troubles while trying to get your car removed.

Are you in the Perth area and need your car removed? Give Car Wreckers Perth a try. We provide the best prices for your unwanted cars, and our service is also fast. We will get your car removed and paid for on the same day!  Also, you can get some of the best reusable parts—including starter motors, tyres and wheels—when you use Car Wreckers Perth. Contact Car Wreckers Perth today to discover the awesome services that await you.