Mazda Wreckers Perth

Mazda Wreckers Perth

In the 60s, Australia fell in love with the Japanese car sensation called the Mazda. We realize people are still falling in love with this brand to the point where they don’t want to get rid of it when the car no longer works.

But, what purpose will your used, junk, broke down, damaged or scrap car serve in your garage? Nothing… So, why not turn that vehicle that is taking up space into some extra cash? For those wanting to upgrade their Mazda, we can offer you are great remedy to your problem. Instead of keeping something that’s no longer being used (or something that’s completely damaged/wrecked), we highly recommend you get the most out of your investment by selling your car to us for instant cash.

WA Auto Parts has experience in wrecking and recycling all types of scrap cars, and we are dedicated to keeping the environment safe by wrecking and recycling all vehicles that are a potential environmental hazard.  Our goal is to dispose of all unwanted vehicles in the area while we put a few bucks in your pocket!

Let us take your old, used, or junk Mazda off your hands and pay you top dollar for it!


WA Auto Parts is known for being a reputable car wrecking company in Perth. We take pride in being one of the best wreckers around because our success record for high-quality services throughout the years speaks for itself. We take all models of the Mazda brand in any condition.  And, we offer to pay you the best price for your vehicle the same day we come to tow it. There is nothing that our car experts don’t know about the Mazda brand, so they will have no problem wrecking your vehicle the proper way.

Our experience in wrecking Mazda cars throughout the years allows us to streamline the car removal process. We have experience in wrecking almost every Mazda model out there, and we promise to make your experience as stress-free as possible.

WA Auto Parts, Perth’s best Mazda wrecking company operates in excellence and pays top dollar for your vehicle. We also provide a service to the environment by removing these vehicles before they become an environmental hazard.

Act now by contacting our customer support staff or use our online form to get an instant quote.


It’s a good decision to turn an investment that has become useless into cash you could use.  The advantage of using WA Auto Parts is you receive top dollar when we come out to remove your car.

The wreckers at WA Auto Parts’s accept all Mazda models in any kind of condition. Our car experts will evaluate your car’s information and give you a quote at no obligation to you.

We don’t care how damaged your car is—even if it’s not repairable. We consider the value the car still has because of the parts that can be recycled and reused, and we pay for you for every valuable part still left on the car.

Our professional wreckers will evaluate your car information and give you an unbeatable quote. You won’t be able to find a better offer in Perth than the ones our experts provide.

If you have an unwanted car you want to be removed, just contact us, and we will take you through our simplified process of having your car removed.

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