Car scrapping or car recycling? We clarify!

In this article we would like to discuss the different terms that are very popular in our industry – car scrapping, car recycling and car disposal. We will show the meaning of the words and explain which word is the most accurate.

Car scrapping or car recycling or car disposal – Only synonyms?

The terms car scrapping, car disposal and car recycling are synonyms. Both describe the process in which an old car is returned to the raw material cycle. The term car disposal is also often used. Wikipedia describes the process vehicle recycling, as this word is more accurate.

Car scrapping – what does it mean?

Car scrapping is a word composition of car and scrapping. The term scrapping describes the process of making scrap metal. Scrap is a synonym for metal waste. Since the body of cars is primarily made of metals, this term is popularly used.

Car recycling – what does it mean?

Car recycling, on the other hand, is a composition of the word car and the word utilization. When you recycle something, the value is enhanced. This means that a worthless car is transformed into a form in which it has value again. This is exactly what happens when raw materials are returned to the raw materials cycle.

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Car disposal – what does it mean?

Car disposal is a composition with the word disposal. Disposal is the general term for the removal of waste. One gets rid of the “worry”, so to speak: one disposes. The term car disposal also describes the reality of vehicle recycling. Thus, the term car disposal is most accurate, since the car owner is getting rid of his old car by disposing of the worry.

Which of these terms is correct?

If equally all terms – car scrapping, car recycling and car disposal – express the reality of car recycling, all of them lack a certain precision. Therefore, the correct term for the reality of having your car picked up for disposal is car recycling.

The meaning of car recycling

The term recycling contains the word recycling or cycle. The cycle is the recurring. Since the 1970s, in Australia (but also in other industrialized countries), for reasons of environmental protection and waste prevention, there has been an effort to convert every produced good into recyclable raw materials. That is why Duden defines the term as follows:

Processing and reuse of already used raw materials.

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Vehicle recycling in Australia works like this:

Vehicle recycling in Australia is practiced in three recycling steps:

1. the decommissioning

The car is deregistered from the vehicle registration office and is parked on a non-public parking lot. During this process, all environmentally harmful substances are removed from the car. This includes, for example, the remaining tank contents of the car or the removal of the airbag.

2. the compacting

The individual parts of the car are removed depending on their residual value and prepared for resale. After that the car is put into a press. In the press, the car is compressed and usually stamped in the shape of a square.

3. fractionation

The pressed car is broken down into very small individual parts by means of a shredding machine. In Australia, this is done only in licensed plants. There are a total of 65 of them in the whole of Australia. The shredded remains are then filtered by a magnet so that they are prepared for further processing in the smelter.

These are the main three steps that exist in vehicle recycling throughout Australia. We at specialize in the stress-free process: we provide our customers with a smooth process so that the customer can easily and quickly “dispose” of his car and get rid of the worry. More information about our service here.

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