How To Get Cash For Your Damaged Daewoo: 3 Ways To Get The Highest Price

As a popular Korean car manufacturer, Daewoo has seen significant growth in sales. This has meant an increased demand for Daewoo parts across Australia. New Model Wreckers is proud to have had a lengthy association with Daewoo and as such we believe our experienced family operation provides the best option for Daewoo wreckers in Australia.

Why are Daewoo owners looking for wreckers?

Daewoo owners are looking for wreckers who understand their particular brand of Daewoo. This means we are expert in understanding how to get the best value for repairs to your Daewoo. Daewoo is a specialist brand, because of its recent history with inadequate quality control, excess lead and cadmium and the emergence of VW. Despite its bad reputation, Daewoo cars are among the most trusted brands of cars in South Korea, and owners trust the Daewoo brand. To be a reliable wrecker Daewoo requires we are able to visit the site and accurately assess the situation. You need an expert with extensive knowledge of the Daewoo brand to make the most out of your wrecker.

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What should I do if I want to sell my Daewoo?

First of all, why buy a car when you can buy a Daewoo? New Model Wreckers service includes a comprehensive inspection service that covers all the core components that make up your Daewoo – such as chassis, engine, transaxle, etc. It also includes a full mechanical inspection. This ensures that the integrity of your Daewoo is as high as it can possibly be. This is one of the reasons why most Daewoo crash repairs cost an average of over $1,000 more than a Toyota (especially with all of the upgraded features added to Toyota models). We have a record of over 100 successful repairs for the Daewoo and we’re very experienced when it comes to fixing Daewoos.

How do I find the best price for my Daewoo?

New Model Wreckers has established strong relationships with independent Daewoo dealers across Australia and as such we can locate the best price for your Daewoo on a purchase from a repair centre. New Model Wreckers ensures our Daewoo is repaired to the highest standards and through our relationships with local Toyota and Mazda dealers we can source the highest quality parts for a Daewoo. This ensures that our customers are given an experience that only a family run business can provide. To get the best price for your Daewoo we recommend contacting our closest Daewoo repair centre. All we require is the following information to contact a Daewoo repair centre and will organise to pick up your vehicle.

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The demand for accident repairs as a trade is highly competitive. Our dedicated and experienced Daewoo wrecker services can provide an attractive offer that can attract a lot of business to you. With the addition of new modifications to recent models, you can expect to see our outstanding service and response time continue to grow. We can get you a competitive quote on any car or off road vehicle damaged in an accident.