Everything You Need to Know About A Wrecking Yard

What is a Wrecking Yard?

A wrecking yard is a facility to salvage cars. Unwanted, unused, wrecked, and junk vehicles are stripped apart in a way that 90 percent of vehicle’s parts can be reused, refurbished or recycled.

What are the Regulations for the Wrecking Yards?

Car Wreckers handles very hazardous materials responsibly in compliance with the set of regulations set forth by the federal and local government. They ensure that the harmful emissions are reduced and safely disposed of.

Who Should Use a Wrecking Yard?

Anyone who wants to get rid of their old car, truck, van, or SUV can sell it to a wrecking yard for top dollar. WA Auto Parts in Perth will accept any make, model, or year, regardless of its condition. Sell your junk car for cash and do your part to help the environment at the same time.

How Does the Wrecking Process Work?

Auto salvage or a wrecking process involves several steps. Below is a list of these steps in detail:

  • Drain Fluids:

Car fluids can’t be dumped on the ground because they are hazardous. These fluids are safely removed from the vehicle so that they do not end up back into the environment. Fluids that are reusable such as motor oil, Freon and antifreeze are often recycled. They are cleaned of debris before using it as energy, refrigerant, and antifreeze.

  • Remove Parts:

Your car might be a piece of junk to you but some of the parts can be refurbished and resold. A Wrecking Yard removes these components from the car prior to it being crushed. These parts are then cleaned, reconditioned and tested before being sold to consumers who are looking to save money on used car parts.

  • Recycle Parts:

Some car parts such as a dead car battery which contains a very harmful and toxic ingredient – lead – must be removed from the car and processed prior to recycling. The lead in the batteries is removed and used to make new ones. The casing of the car battery is reused to create cases for new batteries. Car tires are also recycled to be used as asphalt or garden pavements during the auto wrecking process.

  • Crush the Car:

After the car has had all its fluids and parts removed and properly recycled, it is then sent to a crusher which flattens the vehicle. The flattened car is shredded to pieces and a specialised huge magnet is used to separate the ferrous from non-ferrous metal.

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