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If you are in Perth or Australia and are looking for recycled, used or spare Ford auto parts then you have found the right place. We are a leading Ford wrecker in Perth. We specialise in Ford 4WD’s and SUV. As the leading Ford 4WD wrecker, dismantler and recycler in Perth we have many customers in other parts of Australia. So we can and often help customers with their Ford auto parts all over Australia.

Why do you need to buy used Ford auto parts from our wreckers?

Used Ford auto parts from our wreckers can be used to repair any Ford model vehicle. We also sell spare parts. You can even sell any old parts we have in our yard. When you buy used Ford auto parts from us, you save money, because Ford is one of the cheapest manufacturers. We are one of the few wreckers that provides a wide range of used Ford auto parts. If you are not sure about what type of auto part to buy, you can always ask us. We can tell you if we have what you are looking for. Our main goal is to recycle your Ford auto parts, so you can recycle all those junk cars around your property. We do not discriminate, so you can send your Ford auto parts in any state in Australia. We can even recycle auto parts overseas. There is no excuse to not buy used Ford auto parts from us.

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How we buy and sell Ford auto parts

We buy a wide range of parts for any Ford, V8’s, truck and van you can think of. We do this from any vehicle of any age whether it is in a shed or garage. So that we can inspect the parts before we are able to sell them on. We may have to scrap the parts we buy but that is the case with all auto scrap yards. This way if we find anything that is not of a right age, condition, or value we will always be able to offer a suitable replacement part. Our buying process is usually the same as it is for any regular vehicle. We go through the lot, snap pictures of all the parts and measurements. Then take photographs of the parts before we can give the green light. All these photographs can then be sent to the owner or purchaser of the vehicle. We then have to inspect all the parts.

What types of used Ford auto parts do we buy?

If you want your Ford auto parts to be recycled we are the right place. Here we will buy your used parts like rims, bumpers, doors, etc. Once they are destroyed, they are melted down and turned into safe, new parts. How can I find the right parts for my Ford auto? If you have a classic or even a limited edition Ford Ford, you can find good used parts for your Ford. These parts are much more affordable than new parts. By looking in our old parts section, you will find parts for all Ford classic and limited edition models like Taunus, Capri, Cortina, Sierra, Escort and so on. What happens if I drive off with the wrong Ford auto parts? In case you drive off with the wrong parts for your Ford, we have a good deal for you.

How we dismantle a Ford 4WD

You will be amazed at how well we dismantle the Ford auto parts in Perth and if you have any questions about your Ford auto parts we can be contacted directly. We take great pride in the service that we provide our customers. Recycle auto parts to save up money We will recycle your auto parts in our warehouse to keep money out of the trash and give back to the community. If you would like to see what we recycle we can put a video or photos on our Facebook page for you to see. Recycling tires for a family holiday If you have any used tyres that you would like to get rid of we will recycle those to save money for your next family holiday. We recycle car rims, tires and used plastic. We take any auto parts that we can, apart from cars and truck parts.

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What are the benefits of buying Ford auto parts from our wreckers?

We provide customers with reliable and genuine used and spare Ford auto parts for repairing their Ford auto. Our staff are extremely friendly, honest and straightforward. We can help all vehicles, including Ford car, trucks and 4WD vehicles, including: Cars SUVs Pickups Datsuns Nissan Polaris Roadways Compass Other Ford auto parts because we specialise in Ford 4WD’s and SUV’s we can also help with all your Ford auto parts repair or replacement needs.


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