What You Need to Know About Honda Parts

When it comes to finding a spare part for you Honda Civic, Jazz, Accord, Euro, CRV, HRV, or GTR you can trust the team at Honda wreckers Perth to find your part. Our large facility in Perth enables us to store a huge range of spare parts including engines, transmissions, interior parts, body and chassis components, wheels, rims and bumpers for all recent and old Honda models. All of our parts are genuine original part and tested to give you complete piece of mind. If we don’t have stock of your Honda spare parts, then we can normally source it quickly.

Used Parts for Honda cars

To do anything with your Honda car you need to have one or all of the following: A repair certificate To be the authorised used Honda dealer for your region. To have the insurance to cover the work. To be the authorised parts supplier for the entire region. To have the same number of authorised parts suppliers in your region. To have a fully serviced body shop and workshop. Not all parts are available in every Honda model and because of this we can tell you what parts are in stock for each and every Honda model we deal with. Please see our parts directory by Honda to find out what parts are available for your Honda car model. All Honda part requests are made through our customer care team.


What You Need to Know About Honda Parts

WA Auto Parts is the eBay for Honda Parts If you have been looking for Honda parts on the eBay then you may have noticed a “WA Auto Parts” next to the ad. This is the eBay for Honda parts, and you can be sure it’s genuine, you know your parts are genuine when you see that logo! Some of our larger customer base are those that are Honda enthusiast that are also dealerships, however there are many Honda enthusiasts on our eBay who are simply enthusiasts for vintage Honda models. In fact the greatest proportion of our business comes from customers buying Honda parts from Honda fans in Australia and New Zealand. Often when someone is looking to purchase a used Honda part they don’t know if it is genuine or not. This is why we have such an extensive range of genuine spare parts.

Why buy genuine parts from a wreckers?

Because you don’t want to buy a ‘bit of a rip off’. We have many of these auctions online that advertise cheap new parts that have an awful lot of dodge jobs done on them and we have some genuine parts and are prepared to pay a premium for them so that we can sell it to you for less money. What you need to do is make sure that the car you are selling it to has been mechanically checked thoroughly. The more checked it has been, the more reliable the part will be. If you have a wrecker who does these checks for you, then that’s the best way to ensure the part you are buying is the genuine article. If you are buying the parts from another person online, don’t think that they won’t alter the item you are buying.

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How to Find Your Honda Part

Honda CR-V Bosch 6.3L Engine For a 6.3L petrol engine repair you will need the following parts, Radiator, Oil cooler, Oil pump, Oil seal, Intake manifold, EGR valve and injector, Front cylinder head and intake manifold, Engines. Honda Civic 2.5L DCT Engine For a 2.5L DCT engine repair you will need the following parts, Oil pump, Oil cool, Oil seal, Intake manifold, Oil pump, Oil seal, Oil seal, Intake manifold, Intake manifold, Oil seal and injector, Rear cylinder head and intake manifold, Engines. Honda Accord 4 stroke Engine For an Accord 4 stroke engine repair you will need the following parts, Oil pump, Oil cooler, Oil seal, Oil seal, Oil seal, Oil seal and injector, Front cylinder head and intake manifold, Engines.


Searching for a Honda part is not an easy task and therefore you should never go searching on your own. We can save you both time and money with all Honda parts available from one central location.