Hyundai Wreckers & Auto Parts Recyclers Perth

WA Auto Parts is the leading Hyundai wrecker, dismantler and auto parts recycler and have a large range of auto parts available for many models. We specialise in wrecking Hyundai’s and have state of the art facilities and inventory systems to make sure you get the right part when you need it. From cars, to 4wd’s to Suv’s and commercial Hyundai vehicles, Perth Parts has nearly 20 years of automotive industry experience, we specialise in late-model Hyundai cars and parts.

What we do

We take the time to find the exact parts you need. We have a great range of all models of late-model Hyundai’s and are the only Hyundai wrecker, dismantler and auto parts recycler in Perth. We specialise in dismantling your late model Hyundai’s and sourcing the right replacement parts for your Hyundai from the same trusted dealer. Our online shop allows you to search our inventory and request replacements or parts. Our parts are shipped to Perth and arrive in a safe and secure manner. We service all of the Perth area. We are one of the most trusted Hyundai parts recyclers in Australia. Contact us Perth Auto Parts & Recyclers, 103 Sheffield Rd, Welshpool, WA, 6106, Australia Tel: 0444 529 130 – 08 9358 1392.

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How to find the right part

We deal with South Korean produced Hyundai cars which means they are all detailed, high quality and have been through rigorous testing. This makes them the perfect wrecker, dismantler and auto parts recycler for Perth. Ordering your part today: We order parts for all models right from new and have spare parts available to supply stock your business. It’s just a matter of calling us to place your order. About WA Auto Parts: WA Auto Parts is the leading Hyundai wrecker, dismantler and auto parts recycler and have a large range of auto parts available for many models.

Hyundai dismantling

Hyundai vehicles are the most commonly damaged vehicle type in the industry, there is an oversupply of vehicles and we deal with the dismantling of these. Our team can dismantle and remove every part of a Hyundai car from its engine to the bonnet and floor without compromising any safety. At Perth Parts we do this safely and it is also a great way for your entire team to become a Hyundai wrecker. Our business operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, as the business is based in Perth it provides you with the best range of cars and parts for any of your breakdowns. Scrap Hyundai vehicles can be a very big business, depending on the level of detailing these vehicles receive.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find the right part for my car? If you own or want to buy Hyundai vehicles, then the first thing you will need to do is to have an effective parts inventory list. Not having a good parts inventory list will have a very negative effect on your day to day activities. It is always advisable to have a large inventory list so you can have the latest spares and warranty information. If you can not find the part, then you can always contact your sales team at Perth Parts. You can even search online and have a list of parts available for your model. When do I need my parts? Our parts are sourced on a regular basis and can usually be dispatched within a week. However, they may not always be free of defects so it is always best to check with us before purchasing.


Choosing the right wrecker is important, but the biggest factor is you and your vehicle’s safety. Make sure that your wrecker operators meet and exceed the standards required by your state or territory to become a wrecker, and that they can take the full weight of your vehicle when removing it from your property.