Mazda Used Repair Parts & Accessories: The Best Quality For The Best Price

At WA Auto Parts, we stock the largest range of Used Mazda parts and accessories in Western Australia! With access to the entire range of manufacturer Used Mazda Parts and Accessories, WA Auto Parts is your first choice when looking for used parts and accessories for your Mazda wreckers. Our Store will be sure to stock the right parts or accessories for your Mazda. Our friendly team are here to assist you with any request, big or small, and take pride in getting your Mazda back on the road with zero stress.

Why WA Auto Parts?

At WA Auto Parts, we do not have any restrictions on stock, like some of our competitors. That means we can always offer the best prices on Mazda parts! We pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality service and products possible at a fair price. We make sure our customers get the best quality parts and the best value. A Perth car expert for more than 5 years, John Kirwan has been working with Mazda used parts for more than 5 years, having been there when they pioneered turbocharging technology. He is a main source of information regarding Mazda wrecker.

Mazda Parts and Accessories

All Mazda parts and accessories you buy will be completely guaranteed and backed by our 5 year part guarantee. There is also a 10 year crash replacement warranty when you buy used parts and accessories. Everything you buy will be backed by our 5 year part guarantee. Included in every Used Mazda part or accessory you buy is our 5 year part guarantee. Remember, you’re buying a used part from WA Auto Parts – so we can replace it with a fresh one if it breaks! We will never stop you from buying a secondhand part but we advise you to do your own research.

What Kind of Mazda Parts and Accessories Do We Sell?

There is a vast variety of parts and accessories available for both Mazda 6 and Mazda 5 models. There is no specific Mazda-only part. We offer everything from spark plugs, fuel filters, tires, ABS components, and much more! We have our own in-house Toyota Tundra, Holden Commodore, and Holden Commodore V8 Parts, meaning we know how to source parts.

Mazda Owners

Are you looking for quality used Mazda parts? For over 5 years, WA Auto Parts has remained committed to providing the best Mazda parts and service, at the best prices, in Western Australia. We pride ourselves in our service to Mazda owners and we are committed to serving the needs of the Mazda community. Vintage Mazda Gear Interested in pre-owned vintage gear for your vintage Mazda? Looking for the best pre-owned vintage parts? Retired Mazda Replicas Want to see what a retired Mazda looks like? Ever wonder what a Mazda looks like on the roads today? So you drive a 1982 Mazda RX-7 but the seats and dashboard need a complete overhaul. Our vintage parts are easy to find and often much more expensive than they need to be.


Founded in 2015 by Mr John Kirwan, WA Auto Parts have over 5 years’ experience in providing repair parts, accessories and vehicle recovery services. With our ability to obtain the latest and greatest used parts and accessories for your Mazda, you can rest easy knowing that your Mazda is being serviced and maintained in the most professional manner possible. With our vast experience and knowledge of the used car parts market, we are able to offer you the best prices on parts for your Mazda.