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Largest Mitsubishi wreckers in Perth (Used, Spare, Recycled) Here are few reasons why we are the leading Mitsubishi auto parts recycler and vehicle dismantler and wrecker in Perth. Formerly known as Mitsubie we have expert Mitsubishi knowledge and an extensive range of Mitsubishi vehicles and auto parts for cars, SUV’s and 4wd’s. Based from Perth, we have a constant flow of Mitsubishi makes and models consistently being wrecked, recycled or dismantled.

Why Mitsubishi Recycling?

We believe in helping the environment. We strive for being friendly to our local community. We help our local community by giving proceeds to charitable organisations. A closed loop business. Our quality of work means we receive awards. We employ a no BS, “Don’t take any crap from anyone” attitude. We guarantee an outcome for all our customers and get paid on time. We value customer satisfaction Our prices are competitive. We can find all your parts It’s important to us to get rid of unwanted and harmful chemicals. A no hassle, no fuss service.

used Mitsubishi van parts

How do I get my Mitsubishi vehicle recycled?

Do you have an original Mitsubishi vehicle on the road and want to know how to dispose of it? Have you put the miles on your Mitsubishi and don’t need it any more? Do you have an old Mitsubishi parts car (4WD, SPU, Lancer, Elantra, ASX)? We can help with any of these problems or issues. If you have any questions about how we can help please don’t hesitate to contact us. We can take your Mitsubishi vehicle from the road and recycle it. We will recycle your car or truck for you as long as it meets our specifications and rego requirements. We can even dismantle your vehicle and prepare it for dismantling. Our local Mitsubishi wrecker or wrecker company can collect your car or truck and take it away for recycling or scrap.

What Happens to my Mitsubishi Recycled Parts?

The crushed car parts are processed and cut into small pieces by robots. The recycling process creates a vehicle recycling workshop that employs about ten operators. The general scrap recycled is converted into metallised steel with a similar strength as an automotive coil spring. Currently We Process up to 50% Used GM Used car Parts At Mitsubie we regularly process 50% GM used parts, mostly cars and trucks. GM used car parts arrive in significant quantities. GM Used Vehicle Mitsubie buys ‘compacts’ (cars, hatchbacks, utes and SUVs) and ‘extras’ (crossovers and light pickups) from a fleet of major dealers, particularly Holden dealers. The Chevrolet Cruze, Isuzu Rodeo, Opel and Vauxhall Astra are all popular Mitsubishi brand vehicles.

Where to retrieve my Mitsubishi Recycled Parts?

We have a large variety of Mitsubishi salvage, used and spare cars to collect and reuse parts from. Each of our vehicles come with an express service to retrieve your part. Why Don’t I get my parts back to the same condition as when I bought the car? Many Mitsubishi customers are concerned when they are paying a large amount of money to have their car crushed and replaced. If you are in the market for a cheap vehicle then we can even shred your original engine and transmission in our state of the art facility. In most cases where you are dissatisfied with your services of recycling or wrecking we will even take you to the scrap yard where we sell you the vehicle. It’s quick and it’s easy. If you can’t get your vehicle back to stock condition then do not buy it.

scrap Mitsubishi vehicles

Why choose us?

Best Mitsubishi auto wrecker and wrecker in Perth Lowest Mitsubishi wrecker pricing (offered by Mitsubie) Fast Mitsubishi vehicle availability (currently have a stock of 10-15 vehicles as soon as it arrives they are being scrapped) Customer services and pricing is our number 1 priority Rebuilding and Recycling Mitsubishi Car Wrecks Mitsubie offers low cost guaranteed return on investment for all the different repairs and scrap recycling. Car wrecks in Perth All of our wreckers are certified to meet the Perth based body repair and wrecker accreditations. If you need a vehicle wrecked, crushed or heavily damaged and you are in Perth, see if our wrecker is a good fit for your needs. Auto wreckers in Perth Car wreckers and wrecking yards often come with a range of compels and costs.


Mitsubishi Car Recyclers services remove the risk of the vehicle being crushed, crushed more and more and ends up in a landfill. Removing it for recycling for future use and ultimately reuse. Everything is done by-proper methods and there is no chance of contamination of the vehicles contents or the environment. Mitsubishi Car Recyclers service are highly regarded by our clientele and have completed hundreds of recycling of Mitsubishi vehicles. To find out more information please visit our wrecking yard at 103 Sheffield Rd, Welshpool, WA, 6106.