Scrap the old car or sell it?

Scrap the car or rather sell it? See the pros and cons here:

Often car dealers advertise “top dollar” to get you to put your car up for sale. If you want to sell your car, here’s what you need to consider:

Once your car is no longer worth anything, you won’t get a decent offer for your old car. Even if you use an online valuation tool to have your car valued, they will hold a price in front of you without taking the damages into account.

When you have an online valuation done, you will be shown the maximum market value from the model and not the actual value of your car. Once you transport the car to the point of sale, a realistic price will be suggested. You will have to transport your old car to the point of sale: there will be transportation costs.

If your car is roadworthy, but has defects, there is a risk that you will get stuck with your car on the road: this will also incur towing costs. If you want to sell the car, there are also costs for deregistration from the vehicle registration office.

This means in concrete terms:

  • Transport costs to the point of sale
  • Risk in case of own transport
  • Costs for deregistration
  • The alternative to selling is free scrapping

If you decide to scrap your car for free, a driver will come and pick up your car: You have no transportation costs. Also, there is no risk of your car abandoning you on the way. Moreover, as a scrapper, we also take care of the deregistration from the vehicle registration office. This means in concrete terms:

  • Free transport
  • Stress-free handling
  • Deregistration from the vehicle registration office
  • Therefore our tip
  • Do not be misled by so-called “best prices”. If your old car is junk, then it must be scrapped. There is no one who will give you money.

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