The used market for auto parts trade!

Your car is obsolete and you are thinking about selling your car, although the car is totally junk? We often face the question that the old car still has a residual value due to the removable used parts. In this article we would like to discuss how far it makes sense to disassemble the car into parts.

Car disposal by slaughter

A slaughter is when you place an ad on the Internet for your old car and attract all the automotive used parts prospective buyers to you with the hope of proceeds from the sale. Of course, you will still get money for certain car parts. However, you should not expect to make a lot of money from it now. In most cases, it’s not even worth it for your own time invested in this.

When you release your car for slaughter, the most attractive car parts are primarily removed from your car. The most attractive car parts vary with each car model. Needless to say, car parts are very popular. However, the car parts market is structured in such a way that third-party manufacturers exist alongside the car’s manufacturer to copy a car part from the original. This means that if you decide not to dispose of your car and instead want to sell the individual parts of your old car, then you are competing with the new goods from third-party manufacturers. You think that an original part can never be compared with the part from a third-party manufacturer? Then you are wrong: because all these third party manufacturers work with the original brands. The no-name brands from the third-party manufacturers are made according to the specifications from the original producers.

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Car recycling services as a stress-free alternative

Moreover, if you decide not to scrap your car, you will have to meet with the potential buyers and negotiate the price. Therefore, car recycling services are a stress-free alternative. This is because you will not have to make an appointment and meet with a potential buyer. Most of the time, cars that are ready for disposal are deregistered from the vehicle registry. That means you can’t leave the car in public parking lots. A deregistered car gets the “red paper” taped to the windows of the disposal-ready car. This is then stuck so tightly that this paper also survives the car recycling.

Our tip

Use a scrapper who also offers free deregistration! Thus you save the costs of up to $150-$250.

Therefore we advise: Make a slaughter if…

  • you are a hobby-worker who likes to tinker with cars. You can keep the money earned from this in your hobby fund.
  • you have enough time to spend on dismantling car parts.
  • you enjoy meeting strangers and, if necessary, negotiating the price.
  • you have a car parking place where you can easily park your old car.
  • Use a car recycling service if…
  • you need a stress-free and, above all, fast disposal.
  • You need to park your scrap car in a public place and have no other motor vehicle parking option.
  • you don’t have the time or inclination to dismantle and sell the parts.

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