Turning A Scrap Car Into Cash With WA Auto Parts

Sooner or later, every car owner is confronted with the fate that their car no longer functions satisfactorily. Defects accumulate, increasingly frequent defects cost money and even the cost of wearing parts eventually becomes too high. With increasing age, every car sooner or later becomes “ready for the scrap heap”. If, on the other hand, you have an accident, your car can become an economic total loss within seconds. The only solution? Get rid of the car!

Simply leaving the unroadworthy vehicle on the side of the road is not possible without legal consequences. Instead, such cars must be professionally dismantled, disposed of and finally deregistered in Australia. But instead of paying money to get rid of your scrap car, you can simply get some. There are several options for this.

Private sale vs. recycler

One thing is certain: the old car has to go. For the options you have, the condition of the car plays a big role. If your car is old, but still roadworthy and also has a valid  sticker, it is comparatively easy to look for a private buyer. An online advertisement offers a solid platform for this, with which you can easily reach potential buyers, as long as the advertisement is attractively designed. It is not only lovers of old, aging cars who like to go in search of bargains.

Car hobbyists are also often on the lookout for them, in order to cannibalize the vehicles and reuse the parts for their own purposes. How much you get for the car depends entirely on your negotiating skills. Some interested parties offer money for the entire car, while others are only interested in individual parts. Depending on how you present the car in the ad or how you come to an agreement, the selling price can be different high or low. Here, of course, the condition and quality of the body, equipment and aggregates play a significant role.

scrap car into cash

If your car is unroadworthy and without a sticker, a private sale can be problematic. Getting an attractive sum for a scrap car is usually unlikely. In principle, such a scrap car is taken directly to the recycler. But be careful: not every recycler will let you scrap your car for free. Often there is a fee of 100 euros or more. In addition, the unroadworthy car must be transported to the recycler at your own expense. So the only profit you can make here is if you cannibalize the vehicle yourself beforehand and sell the valuable parts. Is there perhaps a simpler solution how to make your scrap car easy and uncomplicated money?

Purchase enterprises

Beside the private sales and the classical auto utilization purchase enterprises offer such as WA Auto Parts an uncomplicated alternative, how one gets rid of problem-free its scrap ripe vehicle. Before the sales two-stage evaluation takes place, in order to determine the remaining value of the vehicle. This happens completely uncomplicated, because WA Auto Parts tells you the answer to: What is my car still worth? The first stage is carried out by means of an online price calculator, into which the most important vehicle data such as make, model and the year of first registration are entered. Within seconds, you get an initial estimate based on current market data.

The second step is to book a personal appointment for an appraisal at one of over 100 branches throughout Australia, where the vehicle is closely examined by automotive experts. After the appraisal, the customer is presented with a purchase offer, which he can accept if he is interested. Thus, one has sold his scrap car, and this is even possible within just 24 hours. With this purchase company, one has the advantage that the condition of the vehicle does not matter. Thus, even cars that have been declared a total loss can be presented without any problems. If the car is immobile, they will even help organize a transport.

car recyclers

The value of the car matters

Whether you sell your scrap car privately, through a purchasing company or dismantled into individual parts is entirely up to you. If it has to be done quickly and you simply want to dispose of your car, you are well served by a vehicle recycling company. However, make sure it’s a certified business to avoid any nasty surprises. You can find a car recycling company near you on our car recycler overview.

In addition to the damage present, each scrap car has different characteristics that are important for pricing. In addition to make and model, equipment and accessories also determine the selling price. Therefore, it is important to determine the car value before any sale. Reputable purchasing companies usually offer this service free of charge. Only then will you know the exact value of your vehicle and be able to turn your scrap car into cash.