Best Used Holden Car Parts Perth WA!

At WA Auto Parts we are your local used auto parts dealer in Perth. Our professional team can supply you with the part you need, often at a fraction of the price of something brand new. If your car isn’t running as it should be, your first instinct may be to buy a new part but there are other options, such as used car parts. Some of the advantages of going second hand include the reduction of landfill due to recycling, faster turnaround and price. We Holden wreckers Perth specialise in popular Ford and Holden models and are committed to only supplying tested, quality items.

What is a used car part?

A used car part is a component that is no longer being used. This can be anything from a bad part, to a part that simply needs repairing. There are many examples of how used car parts can be useful. For instance, we recently sold a front end right side airbag. The item had almost 50,000km on it and was falling apart. We sold it on and received a substantial discount as it was in such a poor condition. The reason we were able to sell it for so little was because it was no longer under warranty. A used car part will come with a condition certificate and it is our job to test and inspect each part to ensure it is fit for purpose. Our parts are all provided with a date of manufacture stamped on them and the packaging the parts arrive in, even for used cars, is tamper evident.

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How can I go second hand?

Buying a car is a big decision for any car owner, and one that should be made after considering a number of factors. In order to ensure your purchase is a good one you need to be aware of the risks of buying a new part. Car parts can be recalled by manufacturers at any time, and they will often provide very little in the way of information about what may have gone wrong. As a result, it’s extremely important to buy parts from a used car parts dealer who can offer you accurate service and price quotes.

How can I find the right part for my car?

It’s not an exact science when it comes to knowing what makes a reliable used car part. What might be fine for a brand new car might not be suitable for a used Holden car. What happens if the part wears out after just a few months? Having a reliable automotive part should make your life easier and avoid potential issues with your car. Here are some quick tips to help you find the right part for your car: Buying a part online? Check to see if the part number you have been sent matches the part number of your car and if you can find the original part. Online car parts have come a long way from the days of eBay or car boot sales. Most of the big players are now partnered with eBay and these items will be listed in the correct category.

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There is so much car knowledge to learn but by choosing your car components carefully you will increase its longevity and get a good return on your investment. Some simple checks can help avoid making costly mistakes in the future.