Best Volkswagen Car Wreckers Service in Perth

We know the importance of quick repairs for your Volkswagen. You don�t want the car sitting idle, waiting to be fixed. When your Volkswagen needs a new bumper or a replacement part for the engine, head to WA Auto Parts. We are not only the trusted car wreckers Perth but are also the ones with the massive stock of parts inventory for all models and years of Volkswagen. Our Volkswagen wreckers purchase hundreds of Volkswagens each month; in fact, if you have a Volkswagen you’d like to get rid of, give us a call for a quote. We keep our warehouse fully stocked so that our customers have a wide selection of parts and can find the ones that they require, regardless of the model and year of their car. You need it; we stock it.

Volkswagen Auto Parts in Perth

WA Auto Parts has got you covered with the best and fastest Volkswagen car wrecker services in Perth. We offer two plans to suit your needs: Upgrade plan: A complete set of new parts (rear bumper, hubcaps, rims, flares, frame rails, hood) Independently complete the car wrecking service: The wrecker simply removes the car from your location and then takes it to our wrecker yard. There, the wrecker pulls the car into the yard where a team of mechanics work to repair the vehicle. Once the car has been fixed and has passed a safety inspection, it is either towed away to the scrapyard or stored in the yard. The customers can now either continue their journey or resume their journey at another time. If you are looking for some car wreckers in Perth, make sure you head to WA Auto Parts.

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Why You Should Trust Us

We have a team of talented and experienced professionals in our team who are highly capable and work with perfection. Not only are we the trusted Volkswagen wrecker, we also work as the car valet in Perth. With our mobile wrecker service you will find us instantly when you need us. Whatever type of vehicle you’re looking for we have the parts to complete the job, the tools to install it and the trained personnel to perform the service. Let us be your professional wrecker.

Our Experts

You can rest assured of high-quality workmanship and we aim to provide the utmost level of service. As an independent car wrecker, we can work to your budget but also provide you with a wide selection of competitive pricing for our services. Our mechanics have years of experience and know how to get the job done as quickly and safely as possible. We work with a number of different Volkswagen used parts suppliers and can source these used parts at a reduced cost if you do not want to purchase them yourself. The quality of work is assured and the parts supplied are of a high standard. We pride ourselves on delivering high-quality work and provide our customers with great value at the same time. Contact us today to arrange a free estimate or to discuss how we can help you.

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Buying and Selling Volkswagens

If you don’t know what you want but you know what you want to sell, our Volkswagen car buying service will be the best choice for you. As a dealer, we know exactly what to offer and our prices are on the house. All Volkswagen owners are required to have insurance and our roadside assist service is provided free of charge as well. Once you’ve got your car sold, the financials of a sale mean nothing because you’ve already lost money on it. We have a Volkswagen buying service in Perth, meaning that you won’t need to stress about making an offer. From the moment you visit our online catalogue and check out any vehicle you like, we are confident that we will be able to find you a vehicle within your budget.

Do you have a Volkswagen to sell?

If you have a wrecked Volkswagen and are looking for a fast and reliable wrecker Perth you’ll find that WA Auto Parts is the right choice. We are also a Volkswagen wreckers specialist, meaning we are a one-stop shop for Volkswagen used parts and information. We are proud to provide top-quality wrecking services and have won numerous awards for being the Best Volkswagen Car Wrecker in Perth. Our wreckers carry hundreds of VW parts, from bumpers and aversions to gearbox parts. At WA Auto Parts we have a list of all VW parts to pick from and are always happy to help you. To find out more about us, you can call us on 0444 529 130, or give us a call on 08 9358 1392, or email us at We are ready to serve the Volkswagen community!


WA Auto Parts is one of the top Volkswagen car wreckers in Perth. The technicians at our shop are second to none and will do everything they can to help you diagnose your Volkswagen and give you the best car wrecking service to get you back on the road.