Volvo Salvage Yard Perth

Volvo Wreckers Perth buy all Volvo vehicles, any make and models, dead or alive trucks, Utes and 4WD. We will buy your Volvo vehicle whether it’s registered or not, running or not, wrecked or rusted away or even if it’s been in an accident. Have you lost the keys? We carefully recycle oils and all the good parts, then we scrap the useless bits.

How do I get rid of my Volvo?

A huge difference between Volvo and a normal company is the ethical attitude that we hold. Instead of separating the community from the junkyard, we respect the surrounding communities. We treat the car as if it were a passenger in a Volvo Cross Country. No matter the condition of the vehicle we’ll tow it to the appropriate storage centre for whatever you need it for. Volvo Wreckers Perth does not act as a wrecker and should not be confused with this business.

Volvo scrap yard

The parts we salvage

Brakes Chassis Electrics Seats Engine Drive train Pickups and trucks are a good value. Every ROPS or RTA street car has a spare. Give us a call and we can help you find it. We will also scrap you unwanted car parts. Commercials Selling your unwanted car part can be a great income, and we’ll always help you get the most profit for what you have to offer. You can sell parts anywhere, but selling your unwanted car part in our Perth Freight Link clearing yard will be more discreet than online or in a car yard. Don’t drive around with a stolen car part in your car. The stolen parts industry is worth around $300 million a year and this is why we make the phone calls.

The metals we salvage

The bolts, nuts and grommets and most of the other tools are recycled, then sold and made into new metal. Your metal can be used in the making of tanks, jeeps, trucks and aircraft. You will be able to tell if your metal is being reused because the metal is usually colour and texture checked to make sure it matches the original. If not, it will be melted down and melted into a new metal.

What we recycle

Any Volvo ever made, from around 1979 to today. It’s your Volvo, with the exception of XC90 SUVs and some V50s and V60s. Any Volvo buried in the mud, we’ll dig it out. We’ll even take your used Volvo book and brochures out of the dump. If your vehicle is legally exempt, you can get a state licence to drive it. Our computers will check if you’re covered, and only pay if you are. If your Volvo is registered, we’ll register it and give you a licence. We sell the body and chassis for $500 or $600. We’ll do all the work – just come and pick it up when it’s finished.

Volvo motor wreckers


Buying a Volvo instead of other makes of vehicles is the best option, especially if you are on a strict budget. If your Volvo is in good condition, it is even cheaper to get a new Volvo after-market exhaust, which is fitted into the stock box and lowers the car’s overall weight, thus improving fuel efficiency and running costs. If you want to keep your Volvo running, you can also buy your oil additive here to keep it performing well for many years. Volvo is the ultimate performance, fuel-efficient, off-road and luxury class vehicle that has withstood the test of time. With their new wrecking yard in Welshpool, WA, Volvo has made some changes and improvements which has made their future bright and looking more exciting than ever.