Cash Offered For Wrecked BMW Cars

If you live in Perth and you currently are dealing with trying to sell an old BMW, you are in luck. You get to be in the position to take advantage of having access to the services from us here at Perth Auto Wreckers. Our BMW Wreckers Perth team buys BMW’s all the time, no matter how old they are or what condition they happen to be in. And we pay top dollar for them as well! BMW cars have become synonymous with class and vehicular excellence, but that doesn’t stop them from breaking down. Sometimes permanently. This is why even BMW owners need to be able to sell junk cars. And we provide them with the means to be able to do that!

We buy all BMW’s

Any BMW, any condition, any price! Yes that’s right – if you own a BMW you can rely on Perth Auto Wreckers to buy your car. No matter how old it is or what condition it is in, you are in the hands of the best BMW wrecker in Perth! But don’t worry – if you need to unload a not-so-well maintained BMW at a fraction of its normal price, or you need to sell a junk car for less than the cost of buying it in the first place, we will sell it to you no matter what! Are you looking to sell your BMW? Then contact us today.

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How much are we paying?

Our Perth BMW Wreckers team buys BMW’s regularly, so we know the value of each BMW. And our cost for getting the junkers on the road again is remarkably low. But, if you are looking to sell your BMW, it is important to be aware of exactly what you are getting into. The car isn’t going to be on the road again, so the profit margin isn’t likely to be the same. On the other hand, you also need to be aware of all the cost involved in bringing the car back to marketable condition, including installation of a mechanical system, fixing a minor glitch, and any other maintenance. If the cars we receive are used, they are usually stripped before you can have them shipped to us for sale. So, we pay extra to have their appearance made over.

What’s our process like?

Before we go for a typical salvage BMW, we do an extensive, multi-point inspection of the car to determine the extent of its issues. We look for signs of corrosion, both internally and externally. We also check the condition of the undercarriage as well as the rest of the vehicle in order to ensure it is not heavily damaged. When we determine that the car is at least as good as new, we give the owner a verbal report. We also take the time to inspect the vehicle, looking for any signs of damage and difficulty in access. This involves looking inside the car from every angle, and determining if there is any additional or hidden damage that might lead to further mechanical problems. We also check the car for any signs of vandalism.

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How do you sell your car?

We are Perth Auto Wreckers. If you live in Perth or near Perth, we will call you right away, and you don’t have to go anywhere else. Simply fill out our simple online form and we will come out to take a look at your BMW and get to the bottom of the problem. Your name will not be provided to the public, so you can rest assured that nobody will recognize your vehicle. But you will remain anonymous, so it will be easier for you to get what you want. The process Once we have examined your car, you will need to tell us if you want to sell it. If you do, we will inform you when it’s time to find a buyer. Or you can also try to fix it yourself and keep the car on your driveway. We will even come back to fix any lingering issues.