The Best Holden Wrecker & Auto Parts Recyclers in Perth!

We have specialised in wrecking and recycling car parts for Holden’s for many years. Holden 4WD’s and SUV’s are our specialty. We have many auto parts for your Holden 4×4. Our Holden wreckers team have the knowledge and experience to make sure you get the right Holden part at the right price. Take a look; we recycle auto parts for many Holden models including the Holden Colorado and Captiva.

Why choose the best wrecking and parts recycler in Perth?

Every part that comes into your workshop can be recycled for use in another Holden vehicle. We know exactly what you need to recycle parts for your Holden vehicle. No parts to pay for so low prices and there is no hassle. We will support you with advice to find the right parts for your car. We do not manufacture parts and do not manufacture components of any kind. We purchase our products from the manufacturers as they are sourced. Because we have a large facility in Perth we have the facilities to repair your vehicle when required. Our process is extremely simple, pick up the part and drop it off when required. We are your local wrecking and parts recycler in Perth. We supply all the parts you need and recycle for your Holden vehicle.

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How to find the right auto parts

To find the right wrecker, you need to know what you’re looking for. You need to compare prices of what’s available from different wreckers. You can check our ‘last updated’ prices for most of the major wreckers in Perth. All you need to do is call our wrecker service and we will arrange the best wrecker service and price. All the parts we use for dismantling auto parts are high quality used wreckers parts. What to look for in a wrecker The other thing you have to think about when it comes to wreckers is the condition of the wrecker they are offering. Obviously you have to look at the condition of the car for sure. But we want to make sure that it’s a wrecker that will also look after your wreck. This means they have to pass our inspection process.

How to find the right Holden auto parts

Once you have decided on the right part for your Holden, it’s time to find the best Holden wrecker in Perth. What will you be doing with the wrecker? It might be for a little or long distance trip, so make sure to tell us your intentions before we order it for you.

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Holden auto parts for your Holden

We scrap and recycle auto parts for Holden 4WD’s, SUV’s and wagons. When the parts are no longer operational the vehicle is recycled to be made into something that will be sold. The parts are sent to a nearby car recycler. We can source other types of car parts that are not made to be scrapped. If the car needs to be scrapped for other reasons, such as financial reasons, the car parts can be taken to us and processed into scrap. Who we are and what we do We are a WA based based wrecker & auto parts recycler. Our team consist of skilled wreckers and auto parts recyclers who can fit into any job and make it a success. Our team of skilled wreckers have over 10 years of combined experience.


We also offer discounts on other makes and models, as well as Holden parts. Give us a call on 0444 529 130 – 08 9358 1392 or drop by our wrecker yard at 103 Sheffield Rd, Welshpool, WA, 6106.