Mazda Used Parts: Your Source For Quality Used Mazda Parts

If you are looking for high-quality and reliable used Mazda parts in Perth, you can end your search with WA Auto Parts, the best Mazda wreckers Perth. Our company has gained an impeccable reputation in Western Australia’s automotive industry by consistently stocking premium used auto components and delivering outstanding services.

WA Auto Parts – your premium supplier of Mazda used parts

We understand that, with so many vehicle makes and models, it can be difficult to find the exact part you are looking for at the right price. This is why we stock a wide range of high quality used parts to ensure that you can buy the car part you need, at the right price. If you need a specific part and have the budget to spare, we can help you find it. Our unique design processes produce only genuine used parts. All our parts have a seven year warranty, no matter the vehicle make or model. If you are looking for a particular part on a Mazda Mazda car, we can provide you with a competitive quotation and ensure your part is customised to fit your vehicle. We can also source and deliver parts to the Perth and Western Australia areas.

Why choose us?

Our company carries a wide range of used car parts for a number of vehicles, including Mazda, Toyota and Ford, and they are available at affordable prices. Our team of knowledgeable and friendly sales consultants will take the time to assist you in deciding on the exact components you need. Do you want a cheap Mazda Used Car Parts? You can buy a reliable Mazda Used Car Parts for only from $50! Our car parts are carefully chosen, they are in good condition and you will not need to do any repairs to your used Mazda to get the parts. Our prices are always competitive and our delivery time is fast. We provide you with first-class service to all our customers, which is why they keep coming back for more.

What kind of Mazda used parts do we provide?

We stock most used parts of a Mazda MX-5, some Mazda Roadsters, MX-6s, and Mazdaspeed 6s. As well as, we offer a number of Mazda mechanical parts including suspension parts, electric fuel pumps, hydraulic brake fluid tank, and much more.

What do we offer?

For more than 30 years, WA Auto Parts has been the one-stop-shop for all automotive needs. We provide a one-stop solution for Mazda, Toyota and Mercedes used parts in Perth, including a wide range of vehicle breakdowns such as rotary engines, non-engine vehicles, spares and accessories. Our automotive parts come from Mazda Australia so you can rest assured that they are quality-checked, tested and certified as authentic. Everything from mufflers to subframes to steering wheels are on sale at WA Auto Parts. From 1996 Mazda RCD rotary engines up to 2018 Mazda 3 rotary engines, you will find the best Mazda parts and accessories at your disposal. Our Online Store Is Easy To Use At WA Auto Parts, you are free to purchase Mazda used parts online, no matter how small or large your budget is.


Whether you are buying or selling your car, Mazda Parts Perth is a one-stop shop that offers you convenient solutions. It is the leading supplier of Mazda parts, and it features an extensive range of used car parts, including spares, accessories, wheels, radiators, wires, and many others. This is because we are committed to providing customers with our top-notch products that match their requirements. So if you want to have a hassle-free experience when shopping for used Mazda parts in Perth, then check out our website today!