Save money when visiting the workshop – this is how the car repair becomes cheap

Most car owners have not exactly been happy about garage bills so far, and in many cases they are even nasty surprises. New vehicles are full of high-tech and therefore garage tinkerers no longer have many options here. A visit to the workshop is therefore often unavoidable and original parts are usually required. After all, whether it’s a rust bucket or a new car, all cars have to go to the workshop at least every three years, for example for repairs or maintenance.

Particularly when new cars are purchased, these would also have to go to authorized workshops in the event of defects, because here there is the statutory liability for material defects or the manufacturer’s warranty. Rectifications are only possible at workshops of the same vehicle brand or only at the seller. Of course, otherwise independent workshops are generally cheaper, because cheaper spare parts are used by the independent parts trade.

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Saving costs during a workshop visit

If, for example, the engine oil is procured independently, then almost half of the workshop price can be saved. The only important thing is that the goods also meet the manufacturer’s specifications. If you only need sheet metal parts, for example, you can also visit a scrap yard or a car recycling center, because they don’t just sell scrap metal. There are many parts at prices that most garages only dream of. Of course, if you’re looking for rare vintage parts or curiosities, you’ll also find special sites for them on the Internet.

Important wear parts such as windshield wipers, brake pads or brake discs, however, are better bought new. Safety-relevant parts such as brakes or steering are just as important. Of course, no one should endanger themselves just to save a few euros. Up to 80 percent of the workshop price can otherwise be saved if parts are repaired and not replaced. There are some specialized companies that can repair the components. These include, for example, starters or alternators. Parts that have already been repaired and remanufactured by well-known manufacturers are often offered as replacement parts. Compared to new parts, savings of between 30 and 40 percent are often possible.

However, it is better to steer clear of very cheap parts, because if you buy too cheaply, you often buy twice. If parts are advertised as original parts and they are then up to 70 percent cheaper, it is often nothing sensible. If you buy from a well-known and established parts dealer, you will usually get good advice and there will be no nasty surprises.

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What should be considered when visiting the workshop?

Of course, anyone can buy various parts cheaper themselves. It should be noted that many workshops can not be forced that then parts are also installed. If the workshop installs parts that you have bought yourself, it is of course not liable for the functionality or quality of the parts. In the end, the workshop is only liable for the correct workmanship.

With fully functional parts, however, cars can often be put back on the road inexpensively, reliably and quickly. When visiting the workshop, it is best for an employee to first inspect the vehicle using the lifting platform.

Everything that needs to be repaired should also be discussed in advance and a cost estimate should be obtained. If an invoice is issued at the end, it can also be checked by experts. Workshop invoices can often be checked with different companies and usually there are master car mechanics working here. The professionals can ensure that even up to a third is saved on workshop costs.