Scrapping a car: What you need to know!

Broken vehicles or cars with accident damage, whose repair no longer meet the economic aspects, as well as old cars that no longer meet the safety regulations in traffic, are usually received by a resident car recycling and scrapped. Often this is done free of charge, sometimes specialized companies even buy scrap cars for good money (such as WA Auto Parts).

How does the scrapping take place?

For this purpose, the dismantled car bodies are first freed from all operating materials. The following step is then often the storage of the car for the purpose of removal or sale of important, commonly traded spare parts, such as engine, transmission, alternator, axle parts, for the purpose of preparation of other vehicles of the same type. Also the interior equipment, such as the seats, trays, door panels, and add-on parts, such as hoods and doors, or the electronic equipment (headlights, taillights, switches) are removed and made available for sale. Very often, however, only the major assemblies are removed; further removals are then left to customers willing to buy spare parts for cannibalization. Removed parts (partly function-tested) are also higher in the procurement price, in contrast one saves with the self dismantling cash money.

If the motor vehicle is then so far gutted or stands already longer time untouched in the yard, then it is final utilized: The normal form of car scrapping in the Perth consists of compacting the car freed of usable spare parts with the help of a powerful press and then shredding it with the help of a shredder. In the last step, the remains of the car body are fed as scrap to the production of steel. The glass of the windows, all non-ferrous metals, rubber, car tires and plastics are also reused. So use such a form of car disposal for your old car, then you will save our environment!

Scrapping a car

Costs of car scrapping

In the past, customers sometimes incurred high costs when bringing in a scrap car. This has now changed significantly. Sometimes specialized companies offer a purchase amount for scrap cars, sometimes they are simply accepted for disposal free of charge. Even the car collection is then usually free of charge!

However, you should make sure that your car is disposed of by a certified waste management company, as they are only authorized to recycle, scrap and dispose of a vehicle. Appropriate proof can be presented to you by the professionals. In this case, you will also receive a certificate of destruction for your car, which you will need, for example, if you want to collect a purchase or environmental bonus for the acquisition of a new car.

Conclusion: Inexpensive and environmentally friendly – scrapping your car with a professional

Protect our environment with professional and environmentally friendly car disposal. Waste oil, gasoline and other aggressive liquids harm the environment and our earth immensely. Don’t just put your vehicle somewhere in your backyard and wait for it to vegetate. Use the service and scrap or dispose of your car with the specialists of WA Auto Parts.

With a little luck you receive here even still money for your scrap car – approximately if this still contains high-quality, well usable parts and a usual, in demand model on the market is. But also scrap cars with engine damage, accident etc. are gladly bought. Just give it a try!