Get A Hyundai Recycling Facility Near You

At WA Auto Parts, we only dispose of your vehicle in the healthiest way for the environment. We are the Hyundai wreckers that practice green auto recycling. With our high standards and skills, you get the best value for your wrecked vehicle. Just give us a call for a cash quote. Our auto disposals are always free and always green. That is how we put the best value for your damaged, scrap or wrecked Hyundai in your pockets.

Why to Recycle your Hyundai

Why would you want to recycle your car? You are already saving up to 20% of your trade-in when you reuse your car. The best part is that you can recycle used or scrap Hyundai’s. WA Auto Parts has a recycling program where we recycle your wrecked Hyundai’s. This is the first step in preparing for your sale. WA Auto Parts is leading the way to being the very best Auto Wreckers in Los Angeles and Orange County. How To Recycle Your Hyundai Most of the time your car is towed by the local police, then taken to a Hyundai Recycling Facility, where you pay for an undamaged or decontaminated Hyundai, free of rust or mold. WA Auto Parts doesn’t charge a single penny when you recycle your wrecked Hyundai.

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How to Recycle your Hyundai

Components and Cartridges We recycle these components and cartridges. When you bring in your Hyundai to WA Auto Parts, we put these in our hopper. We pull out the components and cartridges that you do not want. If you have too many parts, we will give you a cash quote for them, and also a bid for all of the parts you do not want. We recycle these parts and cartridges to help protect the environment, without harming the people working at our auto wreckers. You will get the biggest bang for your buck. White Goods When you bring in your destroyed, wrecked, or scraped items to WA Auto Parts, we take them and recycle these items.

How do I know if my Hyundai is Recyclable?

A broken down, wrecked Hyundai is considered to be a re-usable scrap car. Due to the energy and waste reduction from the recycled materials, it can have significant environmental benefits for the customer and the environment. When the material is recycled, the scrap industry has a 5-6% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. It’s great for you and the environment and also great for WA Auto Parts. How is my Hyundai Recycled? We recycle all sorts of wrecked Hyundai. Customers who bring in their Hyundai are often surprised to see how quickly it is recycled.

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Recycling your Hyundai

At WA Auto Parts, we understand that your automobile is a significant part of your life. You want to get the most value possible for your vehicle and we do not want it cluttering up our site with redundant parts. Your vehicle is an investment in your life. Instead of recycling a Hyundai by dumping it down the landfill, why not recycle it in a positive way? Why not recycle your wrecked Hyundai? We will put the best value for your wrecked Hyundai in your pocket by recycling it at WA Auto Parts. That is how we put the best value for your vehicle in your hands.


As always, if you have any questions regarding the Hyundai Recycling process or any other questions, you can get in contact with WA Auto Parts to get the help you need!