Mazda Used Parts Wrecker Perth: All You Need To Know About Mazda Parts

WA Auto Parts stocks a huge range of new and used Mazda parts for current and past models! When it comes to spare and replacement parts for your Mazda the team at WA Auto Parts has one of the largest range of Mazda spare parts in Perth and will be able to help. At our Mazda wreckers Perth, we have a huge range of Mazda engines, transmissions, suspension and mechanical parts of which are all in perfect working condition. All of our Mazda parts have been thoroughly tested and reconditioned so you will have the confidence that your spare part won’t let you down from Perths leading Mazda auto recyclers.

Mazda Parts Location

Address: 103 Sheffield Rd, Welshpool WA 6106 and our phone numbers: 0444 529 130 – 08 9358 1392.

What are Mazda Parts?

On average only 2 Mazda parts go bad on every 10,000 kilometres. We stock the entire Mazda car range including the 2017 new Mazda3, Mazda6, Mazda3 Hatchback, Mazda5, Mazda6 Hatchback, Mazda7, Mazda CX-5, Mazda CX-9, Mazda2 and Mazda MX-5 Miata. For over 30 years we have been the dealer for Mazda cars and currently hold a 5-Star Top Quality Guarantee! That’s why you should choose WA Auto Parts for all Mazda used parts?

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The Mazda Used Parts Wrecker

The WA Auto Parts, Mazda Used Parts Wrecker is a very useful item for any Mazda user as you can replace many of the parts without actually taking the car in to the nearest Mazda dealer. The Mazda used parts wrecker is ideal for replacing an engine exhaust manifold, damaged radiators, mudguards, diff housing, ball joints and much more. You can also purchase Mazda spare wheels and wheel centres, to name a few, making the WA Auto Parts, Mazda Used Parts Wrecker a very useful purchase for any Mazda owner. The Our WA Auto Parts, Mazda Used Parts Wrecker is an ideal companion for a spare parts removal or removal and repairs as you will be able to drop your used Mazda parts and have them recycled quickly and efficiently by our experienced Mazda technicians.

Why Choose Mazda Parts?

You can get the latest generation Mazda parts such as; Parts, Transmission, Gears, Radiator, Lights, Gaskets, Exhausts, Fan ( Oil Can), Body Parts, Slips, Stops, Lube, Brakes, Alternator, Climate Control, Fuel Tank, Transmission, Coil springs and many more in one single order, ensuring that you only pay for the exact parts that you need. If you are looking to buy Mazda part parts, then WA Auto Parts will be able to provide you with a quote so that you can be sure to get the best price for your parts. Our Mazda used parts can be picked up from our customer care centre in Welshpool, WA, 6106. We are open seven days a week to take your Mazda parts you can call us for a free onsite quote on 0444 529 130 – 08 9358 1392.

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How Mazda Parts are Recycled

Mazda’s policy is to recondition each used part from a new car and sell it for more than the value of the original car. Every used part we recondition will come from a car that was at least 3 years old. We provide you with 100% guarantee that every used part we reconditioned is from a car that is still driveable. We use quality parts and the metals we use are non-toxic and safe to use. We recondition every used part using the latest in technology and a full set of diagnostics to make sure the cars they have been reconditioned from are roadworthy. This also reduces your risk of having parts that need to be replaced after 3 years of use.


Our Mazda used parts auction in Perth should not be missed by any enthusiast in WA! Not only will you find a huge range of genuine Mazda parts but also some great auction prizes from the brand including an incredible Mazda RX-8 replacement roll bar. WA Auto Parts is always happy to answer any questions about our Mazda used parts and has been in the business of car recycling for over 20 years.

Mazda Used Repair Parts & Accessories: The Best Quality For The Best Price

At WA Auto Parts, we stock the largest range of Used Mazda parts and accessories in Western Australia! With access to the entire range of manufacturer Used Mazda Parts and Accessories, WA Auto Parts is your first choice when looking for used parts and accessories for your Mazda wreckers. Our Store will be sure to stock the right parts or accessories for your Mazda. Our friendly team are here to assist you with any request, big or small, and take pride in getting your Mazda back on the road with zero stress.

Why WA Auto Parts?

At WA Auto Parts, we do not have any restrictions on stock, like some of our competitors. That means we can always offer the best prices on Mazda parts! We pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality service and products possible at a fair price. We make sure our customers get the best quality parts and the best value. A Perth car expert for more than 5 years, John Kirwan has been working with Mazda used parts for more than 5 years, having been there when they pioneered turbocharging technology. He is a main source of information regarding Mazda wrecker.

Mazda Parts and Accessories

All Mazda parts and accessories you buy will be completely guaranteed and backed by our 5 year part guarantee. There is also a 10 year crash replacement warranty when you buy used parts and accessories. Everything you buy will be backed by our 5 year part guarantee. Included in every Used Mazda part or accessory you buy is our 5 year part guarantee. Remember, you’re buying a used part from WA Auto Parts – so we can replace it with a fresh one if it breaks! We will never stop you from buying a secondhand part but we advise you to do your own research.

What Kind of Mazda Parts and Accessories Do We Sell?

There is a vast variety of parts and accessories available for both Mazda 6 and Mazda 5 models. There is no specific Mazda-only part. We offer everything from spark plugs, fuel filters, tires, ABS components, and much more! We have our own in-house Toyota Tundra, Holden Commodore, and Holden Commodore V8 Parts, meaning we know how to source parts.

Mazda Owners

Are you looking for quality used Mazda parts? For over 5 years, WA Auto Parts has remained committed to providing the best Mazda parts and service, at the best prices, in Western Australia. We pride ourselves in our service to Mazda owners and we are committed to serving the needs of the Mazda community. Vintage Mazda Gear Interested in pre-owned vintage gear for your vintage Mazda? Looking for the best pre-owned vintage parts? Retired Mazda Replicas Want to see what a retired Mazda looks like? Ever wonder what a Mazda looks like on the roads today? So you drive a 1982 Mazda RX-7 but the seats and dashboard need a complete overhaul. Our vintage parts are easy to find and often much more expensive than they need to be.


Founded in 2015 by Mr John Kirwan, WA Auto Parts have over 5 years’ experience in providing repair parts, accessories and vehicle recovery services. With our ability to obtain the latest and greatest used parts and accessories for your Mazda, you can rest easy knowing that your Mazda is being serviced and maintained in the most professional manner possible. With our vast experience and knowledge of the used car parts market, we are able to offer you the best prices on parts for your Mazda.

Mazda Used Parts: Your Source For Quality Used Mazda Parts

If you are looking for high-quality and reliable used Mazda parts in Perth, you can end your search with WA Auto Parts, the best Mazda wreckers Perth. Our company has gained an impeccable reputation in Western Australia’s automotive industry by consistently stocking premium used auto components and delivering outstanding services.

WA Auto Parts – your premium supplier of Mazda used parts

We understand that, with so many vehicle makes and models, it can be difficult to find the exact part you are looking for at the right price. This is why we stock a wide range of high quality used parts to ensure that you can buy the car part you need, at the right price. If you need a specific part and have the budget to spare, we can help you find it. Our unique design processes produce only genuine used parts. All our parts have a seven year warranty, no matter the vehicle make or model. If you are looking for a particular part on a Mazda Mazda car, we can provide you with a competitive quotation and ensure your part is customised to fit your vehicle. We can also source and deliver parts to the Perth and Western Australia areas.

Why choose us?

Our company carries a wide range of used car parts for a number of vehicles, including Mazda, Toyota and Ford, and they are available at affordable prices. Our team of knowledgeable and friendly sales consultants will take the time to assist you in deciding on the exact components you need. Do you want a cheap Mazda Used Car Parts? You can buy a reliable Mazda Used Car Parts for only from $50! Our car parts are carefully chosen, they are in good condition and you will not need to do any repairs to your used Mazda to get the parts. Our prices are always competitive and our delivery time is fast. We provide you with first-class service to all our customers, which is why they keep coming back for more.

What kind of Mazda used parts do we provide?

We stock most used parts of a Mazda MX-5, some Mazda Roadsters, MX-6s, and Mazdaspeed 6s. As well as, we offer a number of Mazda mechanical parts including suspension parts, electric fuel pumps, hydraulic brake fluid tank, and much more.

What do we offer?

For more than 30 years, WA Auto Parts has been the one-stop-shop for all automotive needs. We provide a one-stop solution for Mazda, Toyota and Mercedes used parts in Perth, including a wide range of vehicle breakdowns such as rotary engines, non-engine vehicles, spares and accessories. Our automotive parts come from Mazda Australia so you can rest assured that they are quality-checked, tested and certified as authentic. Everything from mufflers to subframes to steering wheels are on sale at WA Auto Parts. From 1996 Mazda RCD rotary engines up to 2018 Mazda 3 rotary engines, you will find the best Mazda parts and accessories at your disposal. Our Online Store Is Easy To Use At WA Auto Parts, you are free to purchase Mazda used parts online, no matter how small or large your budget is.


Whether you are buying or selling your car, Mazda Parts Perth is a one-stop shop that offers you convenient solutions. It is the leading supplier of Mazda parts, and it features an extensive range of used car parts, including spares, accessories, wheels, radiators, wires, and many others. This is because we are committed to providing customers with our top-notch products that match their requirements. So if you want to have a hassle-free experience when shopping for used Mazda parts in Perth, then check out our website today!

Why Mazda Wreckers And Dismantlers Are The Best In Perth

WA Auto Parts is a leading supplier of used auto parts to the motor vehicle repair industry and the general public. We are one of the best Mazda wreckers and we dismantle many Mazda 4X4’s, cars and commercials. Mazda auto parts and used parts for 4WD’s, Car’s and SUV’s.

Why Mazda auto wreckers and dismantlers are the best in Perth

Go back in time to the 1960’s, and the early years of Mazda. During the 1950’s there was no question that Mazda had come to Australia, and there were those that realised this too. In 1957 Mazda was formed, a company that started in Japan and later exported to Australia in 1964. At the time there was only four and a half years between the two countries. While in Australia Mazda Australia had a successful unit sale of 900 vehicles, selling them to multiple dealerships, which included, Chrysler, Pressed Metal Corporation and Isuzu. Today there are still die hard enthusiasts who love their Mazda’s, and are looking for a place to dispose of their vehicles with ease.

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Why WA Auto Parts are your best choice

If you own a Mazda and are looking for a top value, used Mazda wrecker we are the best place to get your wrecker repaired or dismantled. With a range of wreckers at WA Auto Parts we can tow away, tow, smash, polish and scrap your car from the roadsides to your shop and home. We can tow away a large diesel F-series truck and destroy it for a living like one of our wreckers by pushing and dragging it into our wreckers.

Mazda 4×4 wreckers and dismantlers

Yours truly has been told many times over that Mazda used auto’s are excellent 4WD cars. There are four type of 4WD Auto’s in Australia Mazda 4X4’s, Subaru’s, Holden’s and Ford’s and my reason for saying this is that they all have the same engine. Yours truly has wrecked many many Mazda 4X4’s and Car’s over the years and almost all of them were excellent wreckers and virtually all of them were excellent up steer car’s. The Subaru and Holden’s seemed to have a minor problem in the rear in getting the car turned easily, however, if you used the clutch they became very easy to steer, however, the Holden’s had a slight issue with the battery, which I never used to bother me because with it being low it meant they needed to be off the drive before I could go to any repairs or get a tow.

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Mazda car wreckers and dismantlers

Mazda car wreckers and dismantlers in Perth have over the years proven themselves to be highly reliable. Mazda car wreckers and dismantlers in Perth have a reputation for responding to breakdowns quickly and efficiently, whether the car is for our customers or not. The team has all the tools and skills required to dismantle and move a car safely. At times, these skills are even required to perform emergency services such as HAZMAT disasters and fires. What to expect when you buy a used Mazda car Once you have decided on buying a used Mazda car in Perth, it is important to keep a few key points in mind. Always keep the car detailed prior to handing it over to a wrecker, as this will help them remove dust, sand and mud from the interior of the vehicle.


Mazda wreckers and dismantlers are the best in Perth, here are few reasons for us to be a best Mazda wrecker and dismantler in Perth. Mazda wreckers and dismantlers can achieve a wrecking job to give your car a new life. Most of the times, our wrecking crews also dismantle other car models and they are also able to complete car dismantler and remodel job very fast, but if they can not do that you can give us a call and we can assist in the job. Mazda wreckers and dismantlers are also able to identify new cars and cars which are on their second or third life. You can find that there are many cars which are around 10 years or more and their owners are upgrading their cars or doing engine work on it.

Honda Spare Parts: The Essential Guide to Honda Parts

We have one of Perth’s largest ranges of Honda spare parts and we have been servicing Honda owners throughout Western Australia for over 5 years. Our 1,000 square metre facility located in Perth, stocks a huge range of spare parts from transmissions and engines, through to genuine Honda doors, rims, wheels and more. We are the best Honda wreckers and we are always wrecking Honda’s on a weekly basis and can normally supply our customers with their spare part quickly. We can even help source rare and hard to find parts for your Honda.

Honda Spare Parts

What to buy at Honda Spare Parts Many people need help finding out what to buy when buying spare parts and some of the biggest hurdles are related to the environment. Keep reading to find out about some of the best alternatives. Our staff at Honda Spare Parts service each and every Honda motorcycle, and we’ll help you with the parts that you need at the right price. The service is 100% second-hand, fair trading and non-genuine and we do not supply our products for resale. We’ll help you: find what you need find out where to buy it shop for second-hand Honda parts in Perth bargain hunt and get you the best deal We will work with you to ensure you have a hassle-free shopping experience and the parts you require will be there when you arrive.


Honda parts for every Honda car

Honda parts are split into four different categories – Powertrain, Cabin, Safety and even Accessories. This unique set-up means we stock parts for every part of the Honda car and as such can supply the part to any Honda car in Western Australia. We also stock parts for the four Honda Civics. By doing this, we can help fix your car faster by checking our catalogue to see if your problem is covered. We also offer a service called no-charge repairs which means we will help you get your vehicle fixed, whether you have the parts or not. We also carry a selection of aftermarket Honda accessories. Honda accessories – with more to come Honda accessories will be added to our catalogue shortly, but until then we have a lot to choose from. We currently stock a range of exterior Honda accessories.

Finding spare parts for your Honda

Honda Spare Parts provides our customers with access to the most relevant and genuine spare parts available. Whether your Honda is in for a quick fix to fix a problem today, or you are waiting for your repairs to be completed we can help you. We offer same day delivery for all parts, and can dispatch if you phone us. Answers to your questions Our experienced and friendly staff will be happy to help with any enquiries regarding Honda parts and to advise you of what is available. We can also show you any special offers we have on any items you might require and the cost of using our service. Take a look at our FAQ pages to find out more about how we can help you.



To put your Honda garage back in shape you can simply visit our fantastic wreckers in 103 Sheffield Rd, Welshpool WA 6106, from where we have over 1,000 Honda used parts and Accessories to choose from.

Frequently Asked Questions!

1. Can I buy a CR-V with a Honda / Acura CR-V emergency brake cable?

Yes you can and you will need to have the brake caliper in good condition. However, if you use a vehicle that is not factory correct then Honda will not even consider you for a repair. If you are not within range of a Honda dealership this can be an expensive repair.

2. I purchased an extended warranty on my Honda then I was recalled. Can I get my money back? You may be able to get your money back. The majority of Honda recalls relate to small parts and are conducted by Honda Australia.

What You Need to Know About Honda Parts

When it comes to finding a spare part for you Honda Civic, Jazz, Accord, Euro, CRV, HRV, or GTR you can trust the team at Honda wreckers Perth to find your part. Our large facility in Perth enables us to store a huge range of spare parts including engines, transmissions, interior parts, body and chassis components, wheels, rims and bumpers for all recent and old Honda models. All of our parts are genuine original part and tested to give you complete piece of mind. If we don’t have stock of your Honda spare parts, then we can normally source it quickly.

Used Parts for Honda cars

To do anything with your Honda car you need to have one or all of the following: A repair certificate To be the authorised used Honda dealer for your region. To have the insurance to cover the work. To be the authorised parts supplier for the entire region. To have the same number of authorised parts suppliers in your region. To have a fully serviced body shop and workshop. Not all parts are available in every Honda model and because of this we can tell you what parts are in stock for each and every Honda model we deal with. Please see our parts directory by Honda to find out what parts are available for your Honda car model. All Honda part requests are made through our customer care team.


What You Need to Know About Honda Parts

WA Auto Parts is the eBay for Honda Parts If you have been looking for Honda parts on the eBay then you may have noticed a “WA Auto Parts” next to the ad. This is the eBay for Honda parts, and you can be sure it’s genuine, you know your parts are genuine when you see that logo! Some of our larger customer base are those that are Honda enthusiast that are also dealerships, however there are many Honda enthusiasts on our eBay who are simply enthusiasts for vintage Honda models. In fact the greatest proportion of our business comes from customers buying Honda parts from Honda fans in Australia and New Zealand. Often when someone is looking to purchase a used Honda part they don’t know if it is genuine or not. This is why we have such an extensive range of genuine spare parts.

Why buy genuine parts from a wreckers?

Because you don’t want to buy a ‘bit of a rip off’. We have many of these auctions online that advertise cheap new parts that have an awful lot of dodge jobs done on them and we have some genuine parts and are prepared to pay a premium for them so that we can sell it to you for less money. What you need to do is make sure that the car you are selling it to has been mechanically checked thoroughly. The more checked it has been, the more reliable the part will be. If you have a wrecker who does these checks for you, then that’s the best way to ensure the part you are buying is the genuine article. If you are buying the parts from another person online, don’t think that they won’t alter the item you are buying.

used honda parts

How to Find Your Honda Part

Honda CR-V Bosch 6.3L Engine For a 6.3L petrol engine repair you will need the following parts, Radiator, Oil cooler, Oil pump, Oil seal, Intake manifold, EGR valve and injector, Front cylinder head and intake manifold, Engines. Honda Civic 2.5L DCT Engine For a 2.5L DCT engine repair you will need the following parts, Oil pump, Oil cool, Oil seal, Intake manifold, Oil pump, Oil seal, Oil seal, Intake manifold, Intake manifold, Oil seal and injector, Rear cylinder head and intake manifold, Engines. Honda Accord 4 stroke Engine For an Accord 4 stroke engine repair you will need the following parts, Oil pump, Oil cooler, Oil seal, Oil seal, Oil seal, Oil seal and injector, Front cylinder head and intake manifold, Engines.


Searching for a Honda part is not an easy task and therefore you should never go searching on your own. We can save you both time and money with all Honda parts available from one central location.

Wreck Your Honda: What You Need to Know

WA Auto Parts stocks a huge range of new and used Honda parts for current and past models! When it comes to spare and replacement parts for your Honda the team at Honda wreckers has one of the largest range of Honda spare parts in Perth and will be able to help. We have a huge range of Honda engines, transmissions, suspension and mechanical parts of which are all in perfect working condition. All of our Honda parts have been thoroughly tested and reconditioned so you will have the confidence that your spare part won’t let you down from Perths leading Honda auto recyclers. As well as a huge stock of Honda spare parts in Perth we also have a huge range of wheels, rims, tyres and chassis panels. Are you looking for a replacement Honda door or mirror? We can help find the right spare part for your Honda and get you back on the road sooner.

Who We Are

Honda Wreckers has been managing the Honda salvage and wrecking yards in Perth for the last 28 years. We have helped over 12,000 owners with their Honda salvage problems and have repaired over 12,000 Honda and Mazda car parts. Our team of mechanic and engineers specialise in reconditioning and repairing all Honda and Mazda engine, transmission, suspension, body panels and parts. We are part of the only fully authorised Honda salvage yards in Perth and are the only business in Western Australia who can sell Honda salvaged parts and salvage parts at the same time. To learn more, please call us on 0444 529 130 – 08 9358 1392.

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Why Buy From Us

We are one of the first wreckers to offer the good range of used Honda parts.

What We Sell

Our stock of Honda parts is broken down by various sections of the Honda range. The best way is to contact us on 0444 529 130 – 08 9358 1392 to which which parts are available to purchase!

How to Order

A lot of our clients book a quote with our team of experts to help find the best Honda parts. If you’re looking for a replacement part we’ll make a recommendation and based on this and your personal style, we’ll be able to build a quote to suit. To order for a Honda part, click on the Click Here button above. Find a great selection of spare parts in Perth.

Shipping & Contact

We are equipped to ship all parts around Australia so you can make sure your Honda is fixed and back on the road as soon as possible. We can ship to the following states and territories in Australia.



We offer a no obligation, no wait approach to Honda car parts and Honda auto parts. We offer one price per item per vehicle per item regardless of size or condition. To ensure your parts arrive on time and at the correct value we do not offer any waiting periods. If you have already ordered Honda parts from us then the item in your basket will be delivered the very next day.

Best Honda Dismantlers in Perth!

If your Honda car still works and can be driven, a higher price can be offered compared to a vehicle that is considered as scrap vehicle. If your car is not working, you must consider whether or not it can still be functional after only a road worthy inspections. If you are able to add some inexpensive bodywork on your vehicle, it is possible that the price of your car might increase. This is why you should take good care of your Honda in order to get a better deal. We at the Honda wreckers Perth will pay good cash for your old and unwanted Honda vehicles. Call us now to learn more.

Get the best value out of your Honda

When you consider purchasing an old car, one of the most important things you can do is research thoroughly on the market to find the car that is suitable for your requirements. You can also get a good idea about the range of repair facilities and their prices. The best part about this is that you will not have to struggle to find a reliable repair facility that will be ready to service your Honda vehicle. Make sure that you will be able to get Honda vehicle accident benefits You should always get an insurance for your car, as Honda can be very expensive to repair or to replace if it were to be damaged. However, if you have a good insurance policy in place, you will be able to keep up with all the expenses that will be incurred by the Honda team.


What qualifies as a scrap vehicle

There are two types of scrap cars: Replacement vehicle and Abandoned vehicle. When there are any complications, an inspection of the vehicle may determine whether or not it is considered a scrap vehicle. If you are able to prove that your vehicle is a replacement vehicle and is still road worthy, you can be able to save some money on the cost of your Honda car. The key here is to make a list of all the parts of your vehicle that are of good condition and determined by your local scrap yards. Before you go to a car scrap yard, you must check if the car is scrapped in any other places like you can check the website of the company you are going to approach. If the car is not scrapped anywhere else, you are able to avoid some extra expenses.

What should you do if your Honda is not working

Once you have made the decision to completely destroy your Honda car, you must find a Honda disassembly facility that will offer you a very reasonable price for a vehicle of this type. Honda has several options for vehicles that are considered as scrap, and you will have to check whether your car fits into any of the mentioned categories. Another option to consider is to look for some reliable scrap yard that offers both installation services as well as dismantling of the vehicles. Honda car engines will be cut out to save money as well as extend the lifespan of the vehicle. The dismantling will also ensure that your vehicle can be sold as a whole without any parts missing. Honda disassembly and dismantling involves removing everything that you can find when you look at a vehicle.

What is the value of a Honda car?

The value of a Honda car is determined by many different factors and has changed over the years. To know if your vehicle has any value or not, you should have it looked at by experts. Make sure that you choose the right dealer and pay attention to the condition of the vehicle before making any purchase. Make sure that the service that has been performed does not cause any damage to the vehicle. It is also necessary that the vehicle was not involved in any accidents in the past. The most important thing to consider when buying a Honda car is to have it inspected by a mechanic. The most important thing to keep in mind is the number of years left until the end of the warranty period. It is also worth paying attention to the warranty.

honda parts for sales

What is the price of a Honda car?

As the name says, you will need to know the price of your Honda car after the inspection. If it is worth a lot of money, it is possible that a lot of repairs will be required in order to get your car to work. This means that you may need to have to pay more money for the repairs. If you already know what the value of your car is, it is possible to find a buyer. However, if you do not know, you will need to make the price of your car clear to potential buyers. You can consider selling your Honda vehicle to a private company for a lot of money. Many people think that buying a Honda car is very expensive, but it is just not so. In fact, you can find many cheap Honda cars that are worth $1,000, or even more. You just have to find the seller.


Finding a reliable Honda Dismantleers Perth is a long way from being easy, but if you are familiar with the company’s record, you might expect for more offers to be presented to you. Honda cars are affordable, so you have plenty of bargaining room.

Local Honda Wreckers

WA Auto Parts is a leading wrecker, dismantler and recycler for all your Honda auto parts. We are Perth’s Honda specialists and can even send auto parts around Australia. If you are looking for Honda auto parts, for your car, 4X4, or SUV then please get in touch with us today. Honda wreckers Perth is located in Welshpool, Perth and wreck many Honda models. We supply and stock the best quality second-hand auto parts for Honda models including:

  • Honda CRV
  • Honda HRV
  • Honda Odyssey
  • Honda Accord
  • Honda Civic
  • And many more Honda vehicles.

What is a Honda Wrecker?

A Honda Wrecker is a mechanical company that uses semi-trucks and purpose built wreckers to remove your wrecked Honda vehicle to the Honda Wrecker service center. Our Honda wreckers can extract your Honda to our facility with one single operation. We are not only a wrecker company but a Honda dismantler and recycler too. We repair your Honda like new with the utmost care and respect for your investment. We have a Honda Wrecker department that can take care of your vehicle removal hassle. We can even arrange for a tow truck to the Honda Wrecker service center for you, if required. Why Honda Wrecker?


What do Honda wreckers do?

Honda wreckers in Perth all handle everything for you including:

• Honda vehicle breakdowns

• Honda recalls

• Honda door panel replacements

• Honda brake repairs

• Honda door panel replacement We are the only WA wrecker offering free, fast breakdowns within 20km.

If you are looking for a Honda wrecker near you, give us a call now.

What Auto Parts do we supply?

All Honda Auto parts are organised and we use the best parts for all the Hondas you can name. We use good quality OEM and original parts, meaning you will get the best parts for your Honda. We carry all the Honda engines and repair kits for Honda as well. Our extensive stock also includes wiring harnesses, wear and tear parts, and battery cables. When do we deliver? If you have an order for Honda parts, or parts for any other types of vehicle, then we can deliver to Western Australia. How long do we take? All Honda parts we stock can be delivered the same day if we receive them from our network within our delivery area. For local deliveries, which are within Perth, we can usually deliver within 3-5 working days. Who do we employ?

Where are our wrecking yards?

Our bulk wrecking yards are in Thornlie, Rockingham, Kwinana and Fremantle. We also have a significant dealer network across the state. What Type of Honda Repair Service do we provide? We provide collision repairs, restorations, wheel alignments, scrap metal crushing and have a fully staffed training facility in Thornlie. What Honda parts are on special at the moment? At the moment we have the following Honda parts on special:

  • Honda Air Conditioner
  • Honda Emission Control Devices
  • Honda Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) System
  • Alloy Wheels
  • Honda Electronic Key (Smart Key)
  • Hard-Core Exhaust System
  • Air Conditioning System
  • Audio System

Where can you find us? Our wrecking yard is located at: 103 Sheffield Rd, Welshpool WA 6106.



We want to welcome you to Perth Parts Honda, our online garage, and sales channel for parts for your Honda. If you are looking for a genuine used Honda parts for your car, 4X4, or SUV then get in touch with us today. Warranty Our Honda parts are 100% certified as genuine. This means we have every right to provide genuine Honda parts to you. For all your genuine Honda auto parts, for your car, 4X4, or SUV, please visit Perth Parts.

Toyota Yaris Spare Parts

Something happened recently, and now your car needs to be repaired. You found the particular part that’s been malfunctioning, but the damage is beyond words, and it needs to be replaced entirely. In these cases, who do you trust to give you the best and genuine Toyota Yaris Spare Parts? Here, at WA Auto Parts, we’re the best Toyota wreckers Perth in town. We have thousands of genuine used parts available for sales now!

When your car malfunctions and you’ve found the reason, it is crucial for you to acknowledge the problem and try to solve it the best way. Substandard parts may give you a short-term solution, but the problem may not disappear completely. This means substandard parts will make you spend more money in the long run.

Why not avoid this by buying genuine spare parts for your Toyota Yaris? It’s essential for you to buy these parts from a genuine store, whether it is in person or online. If you’re looking for Toyota Yaris spare parts, there are some things you need to consider.

Here you have some reasons why you should buy genuine spare parts.

Toyota Yaris Spare Car

Genuine parts have more durability.

When you replace a part of your vehicle, you want it to last for a long time. After all, car parts can be quite expensive, and sometimes you can’t afford to purchase the same thing twice.

When you buy counterfeit spare parts, they will need to be replaced in little time. These parts are not a long-term solution, and as we mentioned above, they will make you spend more money in the long-term. Thanks to the durability of genuine parts, you can be sure your Toyota Yaris’ life will be extended for a long time.

Buying genuine parts gets you the value of money.

Genuine parts are sold, so you get value for money. Many people think it’s costly, but the truth is that after a while, they end up discovering all the benefits this purchase brought them. Since this may be a one-time purchase, it will be relatively cheaper to buy one original spare part in a fixed period than buying three substandard parts at the same time. Imagine all the money you can save!

Toyota Yaris Spare part

The rest of your car will be safe.

When you buy counterfeit products, you’re at risk of malfunctioning shortly after replacing them. Sometimes, these parts end up damaging more parts of your car, giving it less value. If you want to keep your Toyota Yaris functioning like new, you should always look for genuine spare parts. They will ensure your vehicle will be in excellent condition in the long-term.

Genuine parts will reduce downtime.

Genuine parts will assure you don’t spend too much time repairing your car because they will last for a long time. You can trust that your vehicle will keep functioning with no problems, and if you have to repair something, that will only happen sporadically.

When working with us, you can assure our company will only provide original equipment for your Toyota Yaris. If there is something, in particular, you’re looking for, simply get in touch with us.